Useful Links

Small-angle scattering

     SAS Portal, 


    Advanced Photon Source

    Argonne National Laboratory

Applying for Beam Time at the APS

    APS New User Program Information Page

    APS General User beam time proposal form (You need an ANL badge number for this)

Reference Samples

    Type I glassy carbon, measured by USAXS

Other Links

    IUCr Commission on Small Angle Scattering

    Manfred Kriechbaum's small-angle scattering WWW links, Graz, Austria

    Brian Pauw SA(X)S web with interesting videos

Data standards


   Standard for reduced small-angle scattering data of any dimension, using NeXus (HDF5)

   v1.0: 2017-01-18

   Announced: 2017-06-06 (at canSAS-IX)



   GitHub (NeXus):


    Neutron, X-ray, and Muon scattering data standard

Other Groups / Standards Committees

canSAS: Collective Aid for Nomadic Small-Angle Scatterers meetings

    I (1998/Grenoble)

    II (1999/Brookhaven)    with NeXus (2001/Villigen) (NeXus)

    III (2001/Grenoble)

    IV (2004/RAL)

    V (2007/NIST) --> Shared reduced SAS data format (1D) using XML   (1DWG home)

    VI (?2008/Sydney?)