Software Tools

Title Description Responsible
from Argonne National Lab
coherent SAXS & XPCS data analysis routines for yorick
(see APS 8ID for good starting point for SAXS & XPCS)
Matt Borthwick, Yale University
fprime WWW Anomalous Dispersion (fprime) WWW Calculator
(Cromer & Liberman code)
Pete Jemian, APS
Indra APS USAXS data reduction macros for IgorPro Jan Ilavsky, APS

SAS analysis macros for IgorPro

Jan Ilavsky, APS
lake slit desmearing by method of Lake, theory is here Pete Jemian, APS
Nika 2D -> 1D SAS data reduction macros for IgorPro Jan Ilavsky, APS
sizes SAS data analysis by either maximum entropy or 2nd order regularization Pete Jemian, APS
GIXSGUI GISAXS/GIWAXS data visualization and reduction package for Matlab Zhang Jiang, APS
from offsite
Fit2D 2-D image data reduction program Andy Hammersley, ESRF
(alternate BioCAT mirror site)
Analysis Programs for Small-Angle Scattering Data at the ILL Dr Adrian R. Rennie, Uppsala Universitet
CANSAS USER Programs database  
EMBL SAXS Data Evaluation and Analysis programs EMBL
ESRF Scientific Software ESRF
other useful tools
IgorPro commercial data visualization package for Mac and Win32 Wavemetrics
ploticus software package for producing plots, charts, and graphics from data and scripts for UNIX, linux, & Win32 systems
(see APS USAXS live data for example)
Stephen C. Grubb (
Matlab Commercial package for data analysis and visualization Mathworks
yorick interpreted programming language for data analysis and image processing
(see APS 8ID for good starting point for SAS, also unofficial yorick home page)
David H. Munro from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)